After months of planning and prepping I can finally share with you my blog, "THE LUMINOUS LIFE".

Fitness has become a main influence in my life over the last few years and my go-to stress buster, endorphin releaser and general spare time filler. I started out as most in their twenties, just wanting to become more body confident and look good in a bikini, but now my obsession has evolved and given me the motivation to overhaul my lifestyle, eating habits and general outlook on life.

I don't profess to be a personal trainer, nutritionist or dietitian.  However, I am a fitness, fashion and healthy lifestyle enthusiast who always tries to strike the right balance between hitting PB's in the gym and spending my Sunday eating burgers and ice cream.

This blog is a home for sharing my fitness, style, food and lifestyle scribbles and I hope you enjoy.

Amy x

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