Monday, 1 May 2017


Maybe it's seeing people achieving their dreams or how it inspires me to follow my own, but there's something I love about supporting local businesses.  With that in mind and the fact I need to get my motivation back, I thought what better way than to hit up a workout with Primal Performance.

So on a sunny, spring evening (they don't happen often in Edinburgh) I strolled along to Lululemon, George Street ready to get my sweat on!  As I walked into the bright, fresh looking store I was instantly distracted by Lululemon's amazing, stylish collection of activewear; I mean I want it ALL. But no I wasn't there to shop I was there for a workout with Matt; the owner of Primal Performance.

As I wandered downstairs to the studio it's safe to say I was a little apprehensive, as although I train 5 times a week my fitness levels aren't the greatest due to my lack of cardio.  As I reached the bottom of the stairs I was instantly greeted by Matt and after a friendly chat my apprehension soon disappeared as he assured me I'd survive.

The 25 minute short and sharp tabata workout, made up of 20 seconds on/10 seconds rest circuits was sure to get my heart rate up and definitely proved my point of how bad my fitness levels were.  By the end of the workout I was a sweaty mess with extremely bad cramp in my calf.... perfect!
Following the workout whilst trying to compose myself, it was time to get my geek on as Matt delivered a seminar on the Principles of Nutrition.  The seminar provided strategies on building better nutrition plans, how to efficiently track your macros, but most importantly how to enjoy food even when dieting/living a healthy lifestyle.  Matt did well to deliver these in a clear and concise manner which made it easy for attendees to understand and apply to their own regimes.

Although I was personally put to the test, this time efficient, high intensity workout definitely left me feeling amazing afterwards!

Training in the same way day in, day out can often get boring, so if like me you're looking to mix up your workouts and have a little fun at the same time, then I 100% recommend you head along to one of Matt's classes at Lululemon George Street, Edinburgh.  They're running from 6pm on 4th May & 6th May and as Lululemon run a "first come, first sweat" service there is no need to sign up.  All experience/ability levels are welcome and the classes are free.... so if that's not a reason to get yourself along, I don't know what is.

Plus if you love a bit of fitness motivation and you don't already, then I suggest you follow Primal Perfomance on Instagram @primal.perfomance & Facebook @primalperformancept

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