Wednesday, 9 November 2016


For the last 10 weeks I've been training using a program aimed to build as much strength and muscle as possible.  My workouts have all been weight based with no cardio; mainly concentrating on a mixture of isolated and compound exercises.  Due to the intensity of the workouts, I've been training for 4 days a week with 3 rest days and trust me I've needed every single one of them.
The aim at the end of the 10 weeks was to have built as much muscle as possible and so this meant carefully monitoring my progress through measurements, my body fat % and progress photos.  By doing this it was easier to spot areas that weren't progressing or growing as quickly as others, for example my back which meant I could spend extra time trying to engage these muscles.  Three weeks prior to this cut my abs and teeny tiny baby obliques started to show through which wasn't part of the plan but I just had to go with it.... and to be honest I wasn't complaining.

The changes I've seen in my body/strength in such a short space of time have been amazing and it just goes to show if you put the hard work in it will pay off.  By comparing my progress photos from 10 weeks ago to now, it's clear to see muscle growth even if I am a little puffy... so now it's time to cut! When I use the term "cut" or "cutting" what I mean is that it's time to burn some of the fat in order for the muscles I've been building to show through.

This is my first proper cut and luckily I have a trainer to coach me throughout so I know exactly when to taper my carbs and water intake as the week's go on.  This week I'll spend time cleaning everything up and trying to get into a routine of eating as simply as possible and increasing my water intake to 2-2.5litres a day.  This is going to be a shock to my system as I LOVE food and have a pretty big appetite.  Right now I'm carrying a water baby and feel bigger than I did a week ago, however I've been rest assured this is all part of the process. 

During this training program I've eaten lots of food (yes you need to eat in order to grow muscle) and have played around with different types of food to see what works for my body and what doesn't.  I would add and remove foods from my diet depending on the affect they were having on me.  By doing this I've established that a 40-30-30 breakdown of macros works wonders and so for the first part of my cut my calories will remain the same and this is the breakdown I'll be sticking to.

I haven't planned this cut well as I have a lot going on in November/start of December but I'm prepared to give it my best attempt.  As I'm not cutting for a competition I'll allow myself to have a slice of cake on my birthday, because it's not your birthday if you don't eat cake right? However, it will mean I won't be allowed any other simple carbs that day. 

My current weight is 61kg, not that I like to go by the scales and my body fat is 26% which has risen quite significantly since I started my training program but I'm ok with that.

I'm aiming for this cut to last between 4-6 weeks as Christmas is sneaking up and I definitely don't have the willpower to be doing this over the festive period.  I would have to be crazy to do that!!

I'll be tracking my progress throughout the 4-6 weeks here on my blog and also on my Instagram page the_luminouslife so for now it's goodbye to burgers, pizza and ice cream and hello to my hard work and determination paying off.... well fingers crossed.


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