Sunday, 9 October 2016


I can't believe Monday is on the horizon already... why does the weekend go so fast?!

It's a new week and if you've had a bad weekend of missing training sessions and having "snaccidents" (eating more food than you originally planned) then this is a great time to get back on track.  In order to reach your fitness goals you need to stay motivated, however from time to time everyone's motivation levels can drop.  With winter just around the corner and the dark mornings creeping in, you may find yourself struggling even more to drag yourself to the gym.

I get asked a lot how I keep myself motivated, so here are my tips for staying on track.

1. Set yourself goals
Like everyone, you may have a final goal you're looking to achieve, however I would suggest making yourself a small goal that's realistic and achievable in a shorter time frame.  If you give yourself over ambitious goals you're more likely to throw in the towel when you don't achieve them as quickly. Your goal could be anything from losing an inch off your waist, squatting a certain weight or running 10km.

2. Schedule your workout 
The saying goes that a workout takes up 4% of your day and so there's no excuse that you don't have time.  Once you start scheduling exercise into your routine you'll find it so much easier to keep up the training.  Some people like to train first thing in the morning whilst others at night, so work out what time of day suits you best and fits around your daily schedule.

3. Mix up your workouts 
I always have 4-5 workouts as part of my training program to help mix things up so I'm not doing the same thing day in, day out.  Having a mixture of workouts means that I concentrate on training certain parts of my body and can alternate these as and when I like. Your training program should usually be updated every 6-8 weeks as by this point your body is starting to become familiar to the exercises and you'll start getting bored doing the same thing.

4. Take note
It helps to make a note of what you did in each gym session.  By doing this you can revert back to see what you've previously achieved and try to increase your reps and/or weight for each exercise.  This is also a great way for looking back and seeing how far you've come.

5. Find a training buddy 
I prefer putting my headphones in and training on my own, however having a training buddy is a great way to motivate yourself and ensure you stick to your training program.  Exercising with a friend means you're less likely to skip a workout and instead are more likely to push each other harder to reach your goals.

6. Don't over train 
Now this is something I was previously bad for doing as I found it really hard to take rest days. However, I can't stress to you enough how important rest days are in order for your body and muscles to recover.  Depending on the type of training you do, I would recommend having 2-3 rest days a week.

7. Buy new activewear 
Feeling fantastic will instantly give you more motivation to exercise.  Wearing a flattering pair of leggings or an on trend vest will make you want to work up a sweat and you should love your gym wardrobe just as much (if not more) than your everyday wardrobe.  With an obsession for activewear this is my #1 self motivator.

8. Imagine hitting your goal 
There may be days when you don't feel like training and can't seem to move from the couch, but just think how much worse you'll feel when you've got to slip into your favourite dress or bikini knowing that you gave up on your fitness goal.  Reaching your goal may be a slow process and results don't happen overnight but the hard work you put in will really pay off and that's when it's all worth it.

"So when you feel like quitting think about why you started!"

A. x



  1. Fab post and its totally inspiring me to get up and get back in the gym!
    L x

    1. I'm glad I've helped inspire you :) have fun training.


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